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Biggest Loser Handicap Challenge Update

Hello Biggest Loser Competitors!
We’re in the home stretch of the Biggest Loser Challenge - only one month to go! Caroline Berger of the Atlanta, GA Chapter maintains her position as the overall leader, but there have been changes in flight leaders since the September update. Our final update will follow the November 15 revision.
The posted standings are as of the 10/15 Handicap revision. The field is divided into 6 Flights based on beginning Indexes (at 4/15/18) and sorted in the order of most improved:
Flight and Index Range Current Leader & Chapter Improvement Factor
Flight 1: 0.0 to 10.0 Lori Stinson, Fort Wayne, IN 1.311
Flight 2: 10.1 to 17.0 Caroline Berger, Atlanta, GA 1.425*
Flight 3: 17.1 to 24.0 Kathleen Campbell, Omaha, NE 1.314 - New leader!
Flight 4: 24.1 to 32.0 Veronica Mankinen, Seattle, WA 1.289 - New leader!
Flight 5: 32.1 to 40.0 Jennifer Yguico, Los Angeles, CA 1.416 - New leader!
Flight 6: 40.1 and above Valerie Meyer, Waterloo Region, ON 1.220
*Caroline Berger is the current leader of the field
To view the complete standings, CLICK ON THIS LINK, log in and you will be re-directed to the Biggest Loser portal.
For questions contact Jeanne Biggerstaff at handicap@lpgaamateurs.com


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